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      At the time of birth of a human being, each of the planets in the solar system had a precise position in the zodiac - the Natal Chart reflects these positions. In astrology it is said that unconscious self is not hidden - it is written. With the astrology we can read about character and personality, temperament, consciousness, ideal of self, sensitivity, emotions, love, mental and intellect, energy and motivations. Based on different Natal Charts of persons in question partnership studies or business forecast can be prepared for further evaluation.
      Studies of Natal Charts can give information about personality to help enhance self-awareness and ability to address present concerns, make important family, business decisions, see and realise life goals. Serious introspection and detailed analysis can make possible to create the synthesis of different images of one's personality, and see the overall character, prepare the assessment of the different options for action, and find hopefully the most harmonious ways.
      In order to prepare a Natal Chart the precise birth data is needed: year, month, day, hour and minute, place of births (when somebody does not know the precise hour and minute, a list of happenings such as data of sister and brother, own child, all the meaningful changes in life can be the base of further calculations, so the precise hour can be counted finally for a chart worthy for trust).


  • Way of Life: Psychological profile, strengths and weaknesses of the personality, strongest domains.
  • Partnership, ideal partners (Family relations, parents; Love, before or after marriage; Girl- or boyfriends; Colleagues): Relations with others - family assets, sensitivity for harmony, environmental factors, social trends. Comparison of the personalities as they are and in the co-operation together.
  • Career Advises and Business Forecast: Changing situations, heavy circumstances, set up of goals in time. Professional analysis for the talents and abilities. Career keywords.
  • Moon Astrology: Questions about health, emotions; Baby planning.
  • Karmic Astrology: What is our duty in this present life, how about the heritage from our former lifes, what we can start with our Free Will.
  • Symbolon cards: Internal characters of one's personality presented with the colourful cards on Astrology, card deck of Peter Orban. Self-awareness in depth.
  • Tarot Readings: Ancient cards, Tarot de Marseilles with symbols of unconsciousness can show the finger of hazard - always in harmony with the happenings of the Universe. Future-telling, Self-awareness.
  • Contact

    Ask the Astrologer, Judit Imolai - write or call for meeting time.
    Phone: +36.20.9462293 E-mail: judit.imolai@astrologia.hu.
    Personal advisory only, languages: Hungarian, English, French.

    REGULAR COURSES are held in Hungarian.
    Schedule is written under the icon "Programok", www.astrologia.hu.
    Upon request, special courses on Astrology, Karmic Questions, Symbolon Cards and Tarot de Marseilles can be organised in English or in French.

    Judit Imolai - Astrologer and Tarot Specialist
    Birth: 3rd of September, 1968. 18:56 Hungary, Miskolc (East 20°48°', North 48°6'),
    Sun: Virgo, Rising Sign: Aries, Moon: Aquarius
    My Natal Chart in small 122 Kb   My Natal Chart in large 425 Kb

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